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I am a Senior Lecturer at the School of Political Science, University of Haifa. My first stream of research engages with the literature on democratic backsliding; it explores the erosion of democratic norms and institutions; and it challenges the premises of democratic participation. My second stream of research focuses on how democratic health shapes the physiological and psychological well-being of the public, and its effects on citizens’ attitude formation, electoral preferences, and participation. My research was published in leading political science, communication and medical journals, and featured in various media outlets including the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Jerusalem Post, and Haaretz. I have been a visiting professor at Stanford University and Cornell University. 

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Together with Liran Harsgor and Michael Freedman, I run the Political Behavior Lab, at the School of Political Sciences, University of Haifa. Please check our website to meet our team and research. We are always looking for smart students and exiting new projects.  



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Noa Shpigel M.A. Student


Does horserace coverage increase in sequential elections?

Advised with Alon Zoizner

Arnon Ben-David Ph.D. Candidate


The religionization and politicalization of primary and secondary education is Israel and the United States. 

Advised with Ayelet Banai

Inda Novominsky M.A. 


Examining the representation of the Ultra- Orthodox factions in the Knesset using topic modelling of Divrei Haknesset

Advised with Yael Netzer

Heather Hughes M.A.


The Macedonian fake news industry.

Advised with Robert Kupiecki

Vika Koukvine M.A. 


How social identity affects the vote among Israelis from the former Soviet Union?

Advised with Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan

Amir Schreiber Ph.D.  


Political Participation in an Era of Digital Democracy: The effect of political internet tools on citizens' political participation and the ways these may reduce second and third order digital divide.

Joseph Sarid Ph.D. 


Getting to the ballot: Distance to the ballot, priming group identity in GOTV campaigns.

Advised with Daphna Canetti

Einav Jerochim-Segal M.A.


Politicians' Physical Appearance and Electability: The case of Merkel and Livni.

Liron Canneti M.A.


Political Consumerism: Types, nature and expression in the Israeli society. Advised with Yael Yishai.


Vardit Shterenbach  M.A


The Construction of Women's Identity in Women's Magazines 1947-2006.   Advised with Uzi Elyada

Naor Cohen M.A


Psalms vs. Missiles: National resilience in Israel and the United States. Advised with Daphna Canetti

Yael Rivka Kaplan Postdoctoral Researcher


The multidimensional and dynamic nature of representation  

Yael Rivka Kaplan_Picture_edited.jpg
Tehila Ben Yosef M.A. Student


The veil of ignorance, prejudice, or both?

Liam Tamano M.A. Student


Affective polarization is Israel

Moran Shechnick Ph.D. Student


Does corruption corrupt?



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